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Credit Card Validation Errors

Did you receive an error message like this?

credit card validation error

This means that we were unable to verify your credit card. The error code number may vary, as there can be several different reasons why a credit card may not be approved.

Here are some possible ways to address the error and complete your order.

Important: If you see an error message like this, your order has not been transmitted to us. Your credit card has not been charged. If you see a debit on your credit card, it is an authorization only, not a charge. (See below for more information)

Does your billing address match the address on your credit card?

For your protection, our system checks your credit card number against the address you have provided. Please make sure that the billing address you have provided us matches the one on file with your credit card issuer.

Did you enter all information correctly?

Double check to make sure that you entered your Credit Card number, CVV2 code, and expiration date correctly. This is a web site for dyslexia, after all. It's easy to mess up when entering a string of numbers. Take it slowly and make sure that all numbers have been entered, in their correct order.

Try using PayPal instead.

If your credit card won't validate when submitted directly on our site, try using PayPal instead. If you do not already have a PayPal account, you will be given the option of creating one. You should be able to use your credit card with PayPal or sign up for their "Bill me Later" service.

Choose Fax or Phone Payment Options

If your credit card cannot be validated on line on our site or with PayPal, you can choose the fax, mail, or phone payment options. We will receive your order but it will not be processed until payment is received. However, if you supply a phone number when placing your order, we will try to contact you to take payment information by phone. You can also include specific instructions as to how you would like to be contacted or complete payment in the "Order Comments" section on the final page of the order completion process.

How to know if your order has been completed.

If your order is completed and transmitted to us, you will see an order confirmation page with your order number. Our shopping cart also will send you an email confirmation of the order. Check your spam folder if that email does not show up in your in box.

If you receive an error message and do not see the order confirmation, then your order has not been transmitted to us. Your credit card will not be charged.

If you see a transaction entry when you view your credit card account online, that is a temporary authorization only. Your credit card will not actually be charged until we have received your order and are ready to ship your materials. If your order did not go through, then the authorization will be automatically dropped from your credit card records within a few days.