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Other Davis Links, Information, and Services

Help for Dyslexia, ADHD, Math, or other Learning Differences

It's best to contact a Davis provider near you directly. You will find a complete list of all licensed Davis providers here:
Davis Provider Directory: www.davismethod.org

Training Workshops for Parents, Teachers, and Davis Facilitator Licensing

You can find full information about our hands-on practical training workshops and international training agencies here:
Davis Training Worldwide: www.davistraining.info

For inquiries about training opportunities in the US or Canada, you can also send an email to [email protected]

Online Support for Parents & Teachers

Need help or feedback when working with our kits? Try these resources:
Davis Clay Support www.symbolmastery.com
Davis Dyslexia Support Forum www.facebook.com/groups/davisdyslexia/

More Information about Davis Dyslexia

For more information about dyslexia and learning and the Davis approach, visit these sites:
Dyslexia the Gift: Information & Resources www.dyslexia.com
Davis Learning Strategies: Classroom Tools for Primary Grades www.davislearn.com

Davis Autism Resources

For information and resources to help children and adults on the autism spectrum, or to purchase autism support materials, see::
Davis Autism International www.davisautism.com
NOIT Research Assistive Technology www.noitresearch.org