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Davis® Home Kit for Dyslexia

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A Must for Home Tutoring and Home Schooling

Davis® Dyslexia Correction is a comprehensive approach to dyslexia, which simultaneously provides tools for attention focus, resolving perceptual confusion, and building reading skills. Davis Orientation tools give students the ability to sustain attention in a relaxed and natural way. Davis Symbol Mastery is a visual-spatial learning process that improves anyone's basic literacy skills. The Davis approach is fun and engaging, even for young children. 

Each kit provides all materials needed to follow the Davis Dyslexia program as outlined in the included book, The Gift of Dyslexia, by Ronald Davis (2010 Revised and Expanded Edition).  

Note: Do you already have a copy of the The Gift of DyslexiaWe consider this book essential to understanding and applying the Davis methods, but if you already have the 2010 edition of the book (blue cover), you may choose to substitute another book. Read the descriptions below for more information about each option.

Each kit comes with a sturdy nylon shoulder bag and includes the following materials:

    • Ron Davis' book, The Gift of Dyslexia
    • Davis Dyslexia Correction Orientation Procedures DVD
    • Davis Symbol Mastery Manual and Checklist
    • Davis Symbol Mastery & Reading Exercises DVD 
    • Reusable Modeling Clay (2 lbs.)
    • Hardcover Illustrated Children's Dictionary
    • Grammar Reference Book
    • Laminated Alphabet Strip
    • Stop Signs for Reading Chart
    • Punctuation Marks & Styles Booklet
    • Letter Recognition Cards
    • Pronunciation Key Cards
    • Set of 2 Sensory String Balls (Koosh or Woosh)

      Note: Some products, including Dictionary, Grammar Reference book, and modeling clay may differ from what is shown in the kit photo, due to supply issues and/or changes in packaging or cover images with updated products.

Working with a child age 5-7?
For younger children and pre-readers, we recommend the Davis Home Kit for Young Readers. Please select your kit based on the age of your child, rather than current reading level.

Working with more than one child? Consider buying extra clay and sensory string balls. We recommend 2 pounds of clay for each child, and an extra set of balls for tossing if you are working with 3 or more children. 

Book Choice:   

    • Default Option:  The Gift of Dyslexiaby Ronald Dell Davis.  This book is an essential reference for understanding and appling the Davis methods, and is included with all kits as the default option.  However, if you already own the 2010 Revised and Expanded edition of this book (blue cover), you may want to subsitute another book.
    • The Gift of Learning by Ronald Dell Davis contains added instructions for applying Davis concepts to math, attention mastery, and improving handwriting. This is an excellent choice for homeschoolers or parents of children experiencing academic difficulties in addition to reading. 
    • The Everything Parent's Guide to Children with Dyslexia, (2nd Edition), by Abigail Marshall, provides general information about dyslexia and learning and many other helpful tips for parents. Choose this book if you already have both of Ron Davis' books and would like a broader understanding of dyslexia.

(The kit comes with only one book.  If you would like more than one book, please use the links above or click on the Related Products tab to order additional books separately)